Buick Lacrosse

Buick LaCrosse

Buick LaCrosse silver - side view

The Buick LaCrosse is an executive car that is now in its third generation and it is slotted as a little better than it’s more common sister the Buick Regal. Among its outstanding features is its inviting infotainment package consisting of dual USB ports, Apple and Android syncing capability, and a chic interface with sharp graphics. Just like the Buick Regal, it also has a rear spoiler but smaller wheels at just 18-inches.

The base package comes with spacious legroom and a large interior that rivals those of more established brands in its category. The LaCrosse has two engine options that are essentially a choice between raw power and fuel economy. Regardless of the engine option that you settle on, the car maintains its magic and charm as a properly fitted and elegant automobile.


6 Trim Levels

Buick LaCrosse in motion

The LaCrosse comes in six trim levels, the Premium I, II and III as well as Leather and ISV. The ISV is the most elaborate and packed of the trims. The ambient lighting, keyless entry and heated front seats common among the Buicks is typical of the ISV. On three of the five trims, you have the option of an upgraded leather upholstery with impressive and elaborate coverage.

The car is a modern work of art fitted with a headliner, xenon headlights, lane departure alert, fog lights, forward collision alert, blind spot monitor and a head-up display. They also give them an automatic braking system and an adaptive cruise control mechanism. This machine packs a 3.6 litre engine that kicks up 304 and 264 pound feet torque. The all-wheel drive is always optional while front wheel drive is standard. It has a rather leisurely acceleration capabilities which is indulging for a mid-sized car.



Buick LaCrosse dashboard

The in-built safety aspects of this car includes a front and side airbags, stability control, remote door unlocking, turn by turn navigation and anti-lock disc brakes. It comes with a rear view camera and rear parking sensors. The Buick LaCrosse has an impressive deceleration capacity. This is the one car that has also been given the highest rash test score by both the government and insurance firms, with multiple tests on whiplash protection, roof strength and side-impact all pointing to a durable and powerful car.



LaCrosse is a fully fledged premium car laced with an upscale interior that gets accentuated by a chic blue light at night. Its screen may have a discomforting reach for drivers, but it compensates with a 4LTE Wi-Fi and sharp graphics features. Its unique quality among the Buick models is its big legroom most of which has been yanked off from the trunk. If you have to settle on an engine for your Buick Lacrosse, then go for the V6 option as it eliminates the coarse acceleration that is common in the smaller engines.


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Buick Lacrosse Review