Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu front side

This stylish and show-stopping car with the latest technologies is available at the rate of $31,915 and cannot be compared to any other car of its kind. This car is available in multiple eye-catching colors that will suit the owner's personality. It is designed with exceptional efficiency and safety measures which is enough to impress the car lovers. The LED daytime running lamps and LED tail-lamps installed in the vehicle not only makes traveling safe at any time of the day, but gives an outstanding look to the exterior. 



Chevrolet Malibu left side

The Chevy Malibu is not just a luxury car which makes for a comfortable journey, it is also great in enabling parents to check on their children while they are driving without their parents being present.

This feature is made possible by installing the My-Link display and Teen Driver technology for which parents just need to insert a PIN in My-Link display and they can check multiple things through Teen Driver technology. Parents are able to mute the car's music until the front-seatbelts are fastened. The system alerts the parent when:

  • The vehicle is going at high rate of speed, which emits a sound when exceeded
  • When the riders are not wearing their safety belts
  • When the driver has braked hard and when
  • The safety features such as Forward Collision Alert or Front Automatic Braking were activated by the sensors in the vehicle Apple CarPlay enables riders to use an iPhone for communicating while driving and in getting directions when needed.

The car comes with 10 airbags in different locations which provide protection in the case of an accident, assisting in avoiding serious injuries. A great thing about the vehicle is that the system is well managed and connected with other systems; when the air bags are deployed, the sensors alert the OnStar Advisor to check if assistance is required. 

Other systems and technology in the car include:

  • Adaptive Cruise control which helps the driver in adjusting the speed while maintaining distance from the vehicle moving ahead.
  • Front Parking assist which assists in safely parking the car
  • Front pedestrian braking, in which the brakes are automatically applied if there is any pedestrian in front of the car to avoid an accident.
  • Lane Keep assist which assists the driver in staying in the lane and alerts with a sound when the car is leaving the lane.


Chevrolet Malibu front seats

With the help of OnStar Remote Link mobile app, the owner of the vehicle can control various features of the car including:

  • Starting the vehicle without the key
  • Using available OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection
  • Locking/unlocking the doors
  • Sending directions to the vehicle with available OnStar navigation

Furthermore, the built-in USB ports helps in connecting electronic devices and the wireless charging feature helps in charging a Smartphone at anytime.



When it comes to the Chevy Malibu, the owner has total control of the latest installed technologies for both safety and pleasure. A ride in the Chevy Malibu guarantees the utmost safety, spaciousness, and comfort.

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